FHB House
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FHB House

(G2B in association with Brookes Associates Architects)

The existing home was a small, single storey 1 bedroom house, with clients about to start a family. There was little connection to a private rear courtyard through inefficient planning. The challenge was to make the house fit within an unusually proportioned site, attempt an upgrade to 3 bedrooms and connect living areas with rear yard.

The design involved reconfiguring the main entry to the side of the house, in order to free up the front room for use as an additional bedroom. Inefficient rear service areas were demolished and open plan kitchen, dining and living areas were added, with ample connection to rear courtyard, good light and ventilation. The existing small bedroom was reconfigured to house a laundry, bathroom and small study. An upper story was added to house the second and master bedrooms with shower room and robe storage area. The second bedroom was linked via a bridge over the main entry. Rainwater storage was added.


  • residential


  • completed